Photos of daily life
Birthday wishes granted. Husband. Fantastic dinner. Relaxing in the park with a view. A few pieces of Heath ceramics added to the cupboard. 33 will be a good year.
Clipless pedals are a b**** but the view is amazing!!!
Finally, a bike of my own to explore beyond the city limits!!!
No longer connected. #eastspan
Felt the need to use my hands today.
Nik is proud of his gnocchi, and I’m proud of him!!! I like home made meals :)
Nik’s favorite past time reborn in his 30s. Note the custom phone holder on the right so that he can watch video while he works. I love this kid!!!!!
Caution…kitchen crossing.
N vs Napa
Nothing like an old fashion parade to bring out the patriots.
Just heard on the street….the coldest winter I ever spent in my life was this summer….not quite original.
Living in clouds.