Photos of daily life
And I thought the Pier 27 building was big. #crownprincess
I finally made it!!! Thank you @cantinecatering I would not have wanted to experience this place with anyone else.  (at State Bird Provisions)
Front row adirondack chair for the twilight jazz concert. It’s cold, but I will never pass up eating outside with live music.  (at Presidio of San Francisco)
Today was a good day to be on the road!
Enjoying an adult beverage in one of the loveliest places in SF.  (at The Garden Court At The Palace Hotel)
Go VOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #rockytopyoullalwaysbehomesweethometome
at Presidio Coastal Trail
This is what we get for calling the cops on our neighbor as he broke into his own apartment at 4:30am!!!
Good morning!!! We have a new bakery in the neighborhood, and I’m excited!! #therichmond #marlas (at Marla’s Bakery)
Last evening at the beach house. I’m going to miss being on vacation.
Birthday wishes granted. Husband. Fantastic dinner. Relaxing in the park with a view. A few pieces of Heath ceramics added to the cupboard. 33 will be a good year.
Clipless pedals are a b**** but the view is amazing!!!